Project 1 1/26/15

Two weeks ago, we started our first steps from Castle San Angelo to the steps of Campadolio following the papal coronation path, Via Papalis; little did we know, this 2.7 km walk would turn into a 10 x 2 1/2 m map. 

After a series of analysis, we were split into teams to our surprise. It was an interesting adventure from start to finish. Each group discovered different aspects of Rome along the Via Papalis using all senses, different ways of analysis and presentation methods. 

The group tiles are as followed:

Control Establishing Clarity
Evolving Secluded Knowledge
Form. Space. Words.
The Eternal Dialogue
Layering Conscious Sound
Luminous Transitioning Sanctuary

And did we mention it was a group project?.... After some tussles with the printers and each other, we made it out alive. 

Overall, the review was a success! Our jurors provided interesting and thought provoking feedback. In two short weeks our knowledge of the city has grown in many different ways from this project. There is a new appreciation for Rome through its history, culture, sounds, views and life found in these analyses.

-Masie Carr & Madeline Kil