Project Three

Project three focused on the development of a multi-space housing complex that address' urban issues, relates to local vernacular architecture, and has a response to environmental conditions. On February 23rd we produced a short site analysis on Piazza Giudita Tavani Arquati, examining the local neighborhoods and the conditions of the site. On March 2nd we took the information that was gathered and developed an urban infill for our site using sushi models. We experimented with the urban possibilities, controlling the form and character of the sites context.

  • What are ways that one adds new buildings to an existing context?
  • How do new buildings impact existing sites and cities?

For about five weeks we worked on the development of different types of housing typologies, urban spaces, facades, landscape, and building design. We all had to design twelve units and had a specific program that required commercial space.

The final review was April 29th starting at 9:15am that morning. It lasted until 4:00pm that afternoon; our final jurors provided interesting and thought provoking feedback. Even up to the very last few days spent in Rome, we continued to establish new and existing links to Roman culture.

- Amanda Ocello & Karina Rodriguez